Sexy Womens Sticky Strapless, Backless, Silicone, Adhesive Invisible Bra

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Material: Silicone + Cotton Blend
Size: B,C,B= 70/32C 75/34B 80/36A 80/36B S
C= 70/3 75/34C 8/36C 85/36A 85/36B M 70/32E 75/3 75/34E 80/3 85/36C 85/3 L

This easy to use innovative 'V' shaped bra helps give you a voluptuous figure and prevents sagging.
It is seamless, backless,and strapless design is ultra comfortable to wear and leaves no traces on your skin when removed.
It's clever front clip enhances your cleavage to make the most of your assets.
Self-Adhesive, leaves no traces.
Hand wash and drip dry.

Package Includes:
1 x Women Invisible Bra

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