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LED shower head

By szrandy

Features and specifications:

Water powered LED shower head

The LED shower head is a faucet light that is 100% water powered and does not require any electricity. The faucet requires water pressure of at least 3 kgs or 0.3 MPA. Please make sure that your water pressure is strong enough to support a winding motor. Slight noise generated by the motor is normal.

Colors and types:
1. Single color green
2. Single color blue
3. Single color red
4. Quick flashing multi-color: several colors change automatically at the same time and colors flash randomly
5. 7 colors: colors gradually change based on time
6. 3 color temperature senor: colors change based on water temperature

1. Does not require any kind of external power supply.
2. ABS plastic and corrosion resistant.
3. Easy to install and fits all standard connectors.
4. Transforms water into a beautiful waterfall of light.

Please read carefully before placing your order. Please make sure you select the correct type before placing your order. If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance. We are not responsible for water pressure or noise issues. If you want expedited shipping, please select AliExpress shipping for priority shipping.

Product size
Head: 75 mm
Length: 230 mm
Width 40 mm


Temperature Sensor 3 Colors

The temperature sensor type changes color according to temperature. When water temperature is less than 33 degree, green or blue color will appear, when water temperature is between 34-41C, blue or green light will appear. When water temperature is Between 42-50C, red light will appear. When temperature is above 51C, red light will flash to warn you of the high temperature.


7 colors type

The 7 colors type gradually changes colors over time. The colors changes are: green - mixed green and blue - blue - mixed blue and red - red - mixed red and green- mixed green, blue, and red.


Quick flashing multi-color type

The quick flashing multi-color type changes colors quickly and at random. It changes every second and flashes very quickly.



The faucet only produces green light. There are no color changes.



The faucet only produces blue light. There are no color changes.



The faucet only produces red light. There are no color changes.


Product photos

Material: ABS plastic and chrome plate


Connector size: 1/2 G



LD8008-A4(1) 3color temperaturetype

LD8008-A4(8)7 color fading type

LD8008-A4(7)Quickflashing multi-color type

LD8008-A4-Single color green

LD8008-A4-Single color blue

LD8008-A4-Single color red

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