Automobile anti fog towel

Save 83%

Product features:

Low (safety) by state environmental protection certification.

Low fast mist which is convenient to use, gently wipe can prevent mist.

Low (longer-lasting) a wipe, can no longer fog 24 hours a day.

Convenient low (save) don't have to be kept sealed after use, prevent mist not volatile matter.

Low (apply) for automobile and motorcycle cap and bathroom glass.

Method of use:

Method 1: in the car trunk inside the fog on the glass of wipes this product, can no longer keep the area 24 hours of fog. This method (effective) only in areas of fog to wipe

Method 2: use wet cloth to wipe first carriage inside the glass, the glass product for a small amount of water, in the use of this product is wiped. To facilitate this product after wiping the glass surface covered with a layer of unique hydrophilic membrane. Can keep the area no longer fog in 24 hours.

Instructions for use: Before using this product, wipe with a damp cloth or a wet towel and wipe again with an anti-fog towel. The glass cart must have moisture or mist, so wiping will have a certain effect. Ineffective wipe directly on the dry glass, please remember! thank you very much!


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